“Shani, your generosity of spirit really makes this experience special and gives another intangible dimension. Your gentle strength is also a key ingredient. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t really suffice. I loved the mindful meditation to commence each day the ‘home-made’ catering was really appreciated. I just LOVED the overall experience and am really happy with my painting.” Sue ‘19

‘A beautiful 4 days of complete immersion into the creative me that left me feeling more confident to paint, more confident to express my colour, work view and personality – and the tools to do it. Thank you for feeding me in more ways than one. You shared your skills with patience, grace and generosity and when I ask ‘did I really do that?’ I answer ‘yep! I sure did’ “ Tracey ’19

‘The overall experience was SO amazing, Shani and the group will be dearly missed. I am extremely happy with my painting and will be back. The studio was inspiring to be surrounded by all the beautiful paintings with more than enough subjects to choose from. Shani was extremely attentive with constructive comments and the daily relaxation opened me to new ideas of quietness. It was an amazing journey for me” Helen ‘19

“Shani was deeply present and generous with her knowledge, nurturing and hospitality and provided the perfect blend of leaving us to discover on our own and interjecting just at the right time where necessary. I came for healing and my painting became a story of my past and future. At first I wasn’t happy with my painting because I didn’t understand the process but I absolutely love the result and would recommend this highly. It was wonderful” Mandy ‘19

‘I had such a wonderful 4 days with you and my girls (my 3 poppies), I feel transformed, inspired and lighter than I have felt in a long time. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions but I truly feel I had a shift, I love your studio, the meditation in the mornings, your beautiful love infused meals, your uplifting spirit and your generosity to share all your painting knowledge with us. I am looking forward to creating SPACE for myself at home so i can paint on a regular basis and I am very  interested in your online course. I haven’t found the perfect place for my girls (my poppies) I will send pics once its hung. Big Love and Hugs and thank you for opening me and my heart up to the possibility of being a painter.” Sarah ‘19

“Thank you Shani, I got WAY more out of the 4 days than I ever could have imagined, you are a fabulous teacher and were very sensitive to my journey in like and creativity. The coaching was brilliant and you were sensitive enough to hold back and let me find my own style and I experienced and a bit of healing, counseling, love and acceptance. The food was yummy and healthy and the space was safe, I love my painting!!!!!” Sarah ‘19

“You were there whenever I needed you with, just the right amount of coaching for direction and stepping on back. You deliver much more than anyone expects and everyone gets much more than their painting. 100% I am happy with my painting and I also enjoyed 4 days of female companionship. 100% I would recommend this” Melinda ‘19

“I had never held a paintbrush but your tuition was gentle, intuitive and supportive and the studio environment was vibrant, safe and nurturing. I am so glad I tried something so new and different - Shani you are a unique and generous spirit and I thank you for these delightful 4 days….special and memorable.” Aruna ‘ 19

‘Dear Shani thank you for creating such a beautiful and unique painting mentor program: “Revive Your Spirit with Colour.” I am so glad that I saw your advertising and followed my calling. This program gave me a feeling of joy and happiness during those amazing 12 weeks. I have met six incredible, very strong, resilient, persevering and enduring women. They have inspired me in so many ways during my painting journey of discovery. The very first thing that called me to the program was to try something different in my life something I haven’t done before but always was somewhere in me since my childhood. I came to the program to have a little get away or escape from the busy life. Somewhere where I can relax for a while, rejuvenate, learn, revive and come back to my family happy and enriched. I was looking for how I can express, expand and develop myself. Also, as a bonus to take home 3 hero paintings. However, little did I know that I would go through the most powerful transformation ride of my life, where I have gained a lot of experience with understanding my emotions and my thinking patterns particularly with perfectionism and over-analyzing and thinking. Working on the canvas that’s where I really confronted myself, where I have met all my struggles face to face nowhere to run or hide. Through the paintings I have learned to connect to myself, stop worrying and let go, enjoy the process and let the creation reveal itself, step by step. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot, and Shani I’m grateful that the teacher on that journey was you. I’ll always be grateful to you for being patient enough with me, for being caring and nurturing, for sharing your wisdom, for helping me to overcome my struggles. Let go and trust were and are difficult for me but now going through this journey easier than ever. And I know that that would not have happened for me without you.” Ana ’19

‘I love your work Shani, after your lovely painting workshop so many of us have gained confidence to go on and create great things. After an illness I hit the wall, your teaching taught me to be unstoppable! I now paint every day! All my love to you and Thank you” Joan

‘I am an absolute beginner and Shani assured me I would be able to do that class and I never felt inadequate, not for one minute. I completely felt safe, at home and happy. I love my four days and the coaching was well timed, not too much over the shoulder but never far away. Shani was exactly as she portrays on her website!” Katrina ‘19

“Dear Shani thank you for creating such a beautiful and unique painting mentor program: “Revive Your Spirit with Colour.” I am so glad that I saw your advertising and followed my calling.  This program gave me a feeling of joy and happiness during those amazing 12 weeks. I have met six incredible, very strong, resilient, persevering and enduring women. They have inspired me in so many ways during my painting journey of discovery.  The very first thing that called me to the program was to try something different in my life something I haven’t done before but always was somewhere in me since my childhood.  I came to the program to have a little get away or escape from the busy life. Somewhere where I can relax for a while, rejuvenate, learn, revive and come back to my family happy and enriched. I was looking for how I can express, expand and develop myself. Also, as a bonus to take home 3 hero paintings. However, little did I know that I would go through the most powerful transformation ride of my life, where I have gained a lot of experience with understanding my emotions and my thinking patterns particularly with perfectionism and over-analyzing and thinking. Working on the canvas that’s where I really confronted myself, where I have met all my struggles face to face nowhere to run or hide. Through the paintings I have learned to connect to myself, stop worrying and let go, enjoy the process and let the creation step by step reveal itself. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot, and Shani I’m grateful that the teacher on that journey was you. I’ll always be grateful to you for being patient enough with me, for being caring and nurturing, for sharing your wisdom, for helping me to overcome my struggles.  Let go and trust were and are difficult for me but now going through this journey easier than ever. And I know that that would not have happened for me without you.” Anastasia ’19

“This has really been such an amazing experience and I knew it was right for me. This time has been so special on so many levels and I will never forget it. It has been an absolute joy and I am so happy with my painting” Jenny ‘19

“The studio was excellent with nourishing food and great choices in materials. The tuition was kind and knowledgeable but I could have done with more visual diary work to experiment with shading” Jo ‘19

‘My 'art retreat' (as I like to call it) has had a huge impact on me both in art but well beyond that too. I had felt like a vertebrae out of alignment in a bad back, and your workshop put me 'back in'.  I look forward to more art adventures in future! LP 19

‘I've been walking on a cloud today. I'm so chuffed with my painting and have been showing it off to friends and family. Attached pic shows it now hanging in our bedroom. I'm already thinking of doing perhaps another 4 day session later this year but I'm keen to keep an eye out for any programs you may be doing in future. Would like to do the mentor one but difficult to get 10 Tuesdays off in a row at present at work.  I knew I would enjoy myself and it went far beyond that too. The workshop will stay with me for years to come” Lynne ‘19

“I am excited about continuing on my creative journey and am much more aware of the hurdles I will need to push through, thank you sincerely. Shani is a rare package of compassion, skill, artistic ability and mentorship. Very skilled at bringing the group together. Although I absolutely love my painting I could have been guided towards a less technically challenging one” Christine ’19

“I thoroughly recommend the 4 day workshop as it was totally immersive experience and I felt supported and nurtured through the entire process. The connection with the other ladies felt so comfortable. It was exhausting but I felt totally connected to the experience and the other women” Leonie ’19

“Nothing was too much trouble for Shani….very well balanced, caring and compassionate. The overall experience was wonderful and I am so glad that I finally came. My finished piece gives me such courage to go on” Jen ’19

“Shani gave sound advice and explained things in a very easy way. I loved the mix of artistic and spiritual and I would love to recommend this to the men in my life as a bonding experience” Bronwyn ’19

“I struggled and I thank you for helping me so much but I was disappointed in myself. I loved interacting with the other women and felt I made friends. Without my disappointment I would give everything a 5/5 and I would still definitely recommend this to others” Deb ‘19

The studio environment was very calm when it needed to be and upbeat when we needed to move on. The food was nutritious and delicious and the tuition was just the right amount of direction and being left to find my own way. It was perfect for me. This was so much more than an art class and I would recommend if you are looking to nourish your soul!” Rekha ’19

“The materials were seriously top quality and the food nourishing – perfect. Shani gave amazing feedback and guidance and overall it was a fantastic learning experience. Please do one for me” Michelle’19

“This was pure food for the soul. Support and comfort, perfect tuition delivered in a warm encouraging and honest way. Shani gave clear instruction and clear demonstration and the opportunity to practice the exercise. Sometime the music was too loud for me but the others were enjoying it so I didn’t say anything. The floral subjects are perfect – luscious, colourful and fabulous shapes and variety – there was truly something for everyone and every taste” Christine ’19

‘What a fabulous retreat from normal life. Shani is more than “just “a talented artist. She is able to create an environment where everyone feels supported and inspired. I highly recommend this wonderful experience.” Christine ’19

“Shani is a remarkable teacher and artist. She's also very warm, encouraging, open and has a great sense of humor and ability to make people feel comfortable. I recommend anyone who wants to explore their creativity to attend one of her workshops. I just finished a fantastic 4 day workshop. The studio is a delightful space, very well equipped and big enough for the small group of 8. Shani supplied a delicious lunch each day and champagne on the last evening to celebrate the amazing art we all produced. A totally immersive and enjoyable experience. I loved it and look forward to doing more workshops with Shani in the future” Lynne ’19

“Thank you for an amazing 4 days.  I am back at work and I am still living off the peace that your workshop has given me, my brain has quietened so much” Barb ’19

‘Thank you so very much. This was beneficial on so many levels. It has been a pleasure to meet you and know you. The overall experience was so positive. Its been the best birthday present ever and I left feeling I CAN DO IT!! No stress. Sheer delight and its great to be ME” Helen'19

“Keep transforming women, Shani, because women all over the world need this. I feel so fortunate to have made the trip from Perth. The coaching was great and the studio beautiful and calm. I feel blessed to have had this experience and just love my painting! Alexis'19

“Shani you are generous and amazing with your skills both as an artist and as an educator. I have the most fantastic 4 days steeped in colour and the meditation, in particular, each morning brought tears to my eyes – it was something I have never done before and it really slowed me down and connected me to me. This was the most amazing 4 days of total me-time!” Barbara'19

“The tuition was calm, considered and encouraging and size of the class was just perfect for me. Thanks for everything! Jayne'19

‘Excellent!! This is the best thing that I have ever done for myself in my whole life! It was the most beautiful 4 days and I would recommend it to all levels. I have learnt so much and I cant wait to paint what I have learned! 4 days that I will never forget” Jeannie ’19

‘I would definitely recommend this workshop. I absolutely loved the studio and was totally happy with the materials and subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed our lunches and Shani was an amazing coach and mentor. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to continuing my painting” Liz ’19

“I was surrounded by large voluptuous flower paintings and the large windows looked out onto a magnificent peppercorn tree so the environment was a beautiful space to be creative in. Shani was soft, encouraging, insightful in both art and transformation plus uplifting and inspiriting, all at the same time. I just loved the immersive experience and feel more flow, thank you” Sue ’19

“I was supported when I needed it and left alone when it was appropriate. Instruction was easy to understand and follow. I left thinking….I actually might be able to paint! If it wasn’t for this workshop I don’t think I would ever have realized that! “ Kirstin ’19

“Gorgeous teacher who was very empathetic and intuitive. I totally loved the overall experience and the food was fresh, yummy and beautifully presented. I gained the confidence to give things a go and not despair if it doesn’t work out at first. I will be forever indebted.” Andrea ’19

”It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable event I have attended. We learnt step by step about the painting process with lots of demonstrations and instruction. All the paintings were so magnificent I still can't believe it. It was wonderful in every way and exactly what I wanted and needed. The tuition was patient and wonderful and I also gained some calmness and I would most definitely recommend this to others. I will be returning’ Annette ’19

‘Thanks for everything - I am in a much better place now than I have been in previous years and a large majority of that can be attributed to you. Your paintings ignited something in me which called me back into the Creative me and you have had the patience of a saint as you walked along side me in that journey - especially this year in your Mentor program. I watched a show on French Gardens which included Giverny and am inspired by Monet to continue to grow my garden and paint from it. Eating and painting from my garden gives me so much joy. It is a wonderful feeling isn’t it” L’18

‘SO glad that I made the decision to join Shani’s 4 day painting program. Coming all the way from Darwin, I learnt so much, met some really great ladies and completed a piece that I was just SO proud of.” Karen ‘18

“I had never painted before but wanted to experience the world of art…to be immersed for 4 whole days and to be nurtured so patiently was a pure joy” Rhonda ‘18

“Great 4 days – I am SO jealous of those who l live in Melbourne and can attend the mentoring program because I would if I could. This was fantastic” Tracy ‘18

“Come to restore your JOY! The studio is so peaceful and beautiful, the catering light & right and the coaching was wonderful. Just to watch Shani work – I’ve learnt so much” Janie ‘18

“I came from Canada to be challenged and I didn’t expect to go way beyond the colour spectrum and use more bright colours and big bold strokes…which was exactly what I needed. I wish I live closer so I could take advantage of more workshops” Mirella ‘18

“this was a wonderful learning experience and Shani is generous in every way!. The space was awesome and the learning environment was supportive plus the others painters were so much fun. I would recommend this to others” Corrine ‘18

‘Shani’s workshop will help you discover gifts you didn’t know you had inside of you. The best painting course I have ever done! The food was fresh and beautiful and studio was a heavenly and calm place to paint in. It was much more than I expected. Thank you, Shani, for helping me find a way back to ME” Lyndall ‘18

 ‘This was a terrific experience, creative and nurturing. I didn’t expect to feel ‘comfort’ in all ways as the environment is a really safe and warm space. I would really recommend this to others.” Lisa ‘18

‘I’m speechless with the overall experience. The studio was angelic, almost reverent and the flowers: glorious. The tuition was unbelievably attentive and caring. Shani was knowledgeable and aware of my needs at all times. I left with a feeling of self worth!” Mirjana’18

“Shani is a wonderful teacher and mentor, she helped bring out a talent I had only hoped and dreamed I was capable of. I totally loved the overall experience and wish I could do it again. It was everything I was hoping it would be” Julie’18

 “Florence (the studio poodle) I love, love, love you, YOU are so special. This was the most amazing 4 days and I learnt SO much. Shani, you were ALWAYS there, just when I needed it. I didn’t think I would feel such serenity. This workshop has totally ticked my bucket-list” Lorraine ‘18

“This was such a great opportunity to ‘unplug’ and learn completely new skills and spend time with others. As a complete beginner, I felt totally supported with a good choice of reference materials and lots of advice, although I could have done with more tuition on the absolute basics of practical strokes and blending methods” Linda ‘18

‘Loved loved loved everything about the workshop. The yummy, nourishing food, the other friendly girls, the helpful, warm, inclusive teacher. It gave me a rebirth of my art self and also the mindfulness visualisations showed me how to love myself. I’d recommend the workshop/life experience to experienced and inexperienced people. J’18

'First day back today and I am feeling super happy from deep inside me. Meditating morning and night., singing around the house and making a huge crunchy salad! Looking after this fabulous girl with the woo woo body! Now getting materials together to start the next project. Actually two projects - a portrait and a Mr Lincoln rosebud. Can’t wait.  Today put an application in to volunteer in a significant gallery and guess what? I have an interview next Wednesday! How is that?! Raise a glass to pressing on” Jan ’18

‘Having never painted before I was unsure of what to expect. However, I felt so supported by Shani while being able to create my own style. The overall experience was wonderful, much more than I expected or imagined. The studio was a beautiful environment but a bit cold in winter and the food was hearty and home cooked.” Shae’18

“Loved the relaxed experience and camaraderie of the other painters and the attention to detail of the teacher. Great materials and subjects to choose from and the food simple & elegant. The tuition was very helpful, always giving and demonstrating then leaving me time to practice. The spiritual journey was so comforting” Jan ’18

 “My overall experience made me happy, happy, happy and I didn’t expect to get to such a quiet place while meditating. The materials and subject matter were just what I need and the environment beautiful but I was cold at times and we could have done with an eye break in the afternoons” Sharon ’18

“Thank you so much. I loved approaching painting from a different aspect and I loved every moment. The coaching was so helpful and catering really made me feel looked after. I loved that the studio was full of natural light and working on a large canvas was a breakthrough in itself” Coralie ’18

“I didn’t expect to reconnect spiritually and that was a bonus. It was winter and so it was cold but the materials, subject matter and exercises were really well done. I would recommend this to others.” Jackie ’18

"The space was awesome but too cold for this Syneysider. Sometimes the meditation felt too long but was really useful and gave clarity on broader issues. The overall experience was sensational and I loved it! I am so happy with my painting and would definitely recommend this to others” Kate ’18

"Thoroughly recommend the 4 day workshop with Shani Alexander. I was a complete novice, but she teaches, demonstrates, rescues and lets go in the right proportions. It was a lot of fun with a small number of diverse and wonderful women. Shani's gentle nurturing manner allows you to be vulnerable, and I am inspired to continue painting.” Bev ’18

“Thank you so much, I have gained artistically and spiritually under your wonderful guidance.  I leant a new belief in myself that I can do it and realize how lucky I am. Shani taught me so many things, not only in the painting but on more deep levels I am sorry to go home and would love to do it all over again.” Chris ‘18

“This was an incredible journey and beyond my expectations. The constraints of it being 4 days only gave me a drive. I felt immediately welcomed and immersed in the studio world. Shani extracted something in me that I knew existed but had no sense of its identity – turns out it was the real ME!’ Rosie ‘18

“I have an easily stopped personality. I was determined to not let that happen, but it did! Shani, thank you for taking me through it and helping me to be able to see what it is I do and to now be a role model to my wonderful g’daughter. I feel a freedom I didn’t expect and a surprisingly good painting.” Bev ‘18

“I have found not just an art teacher but a soul who has guided me through the most amazing journey in creativity. I’m a better person for this. I learnt how to pull a big painting together and break up the back, mid and fore-grounds. I had a very cathartic experience and I broke from my negative self and allowed myself to experience art in a different way. I feel like I could now paint on my own” Kerrie ‘18

“You are not alone, take the first step with Shani and other like minded people who need to change their world view! It was just fantastic. I was exposed to honesty and love. The studio was relaxing and enabling and the catering fantastic.” Leanne ‘18

“"hani is an incredibly giving, gracious, empathetic, intuitive, responsive, embracing woman with incredible heart. I love, love, love! The overall experience was so enlightening, OMG where do I start? The coaching was so switched on and intuitive and was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know it. I couldn’t have painted what I did without the spiritual side/meditation, which for me was paramount. Also the techniques with the brushes and how we used them in a very different way from what I was doing was a breakthrough in itself.” Julie ’18

'Shani’s 4 Day Workshop took thoughtfully through a painting with guiding steps all the way. I learnt such a lot from all the personal attention, I felt invigorated and I learnt to use the brushes in such a different way, sweeping the paint across the canvas with brushes that I used to hate. Shani was enthusiastic and mindful and caring and made an anxious artist feel safe and comfortable to be pushed. The mindfulness at the start of each session prepares you for what lies ahead and truly reflects Shani’s whole approach to teaching you. Thank you so much for such an enriching experience. “ Linda ’18

“Excellent, intuitive, individualized coaching in painting, and self development. I saw breakthrough experiences for each participant.  The 4 Day format enabled each persons ‘sabotage’ to be dispatched and the goals achieved.  The tuition was excellent and I gained So much. The individual coaching was very intuitive and I especially enjoyed and benefitted from the morning meditations.” Muffy ’18

“The studio was lovely and light, the materials and food was generous. The coaching had just the right interceptions of advice and the meditation was a great start to the day with a valuable critique at the end of each day. I would recommend this as an affordable artist workshop that encourages expression and discovery” Carmen ’18

'Shani made the workshop a safe and accepting environment to be set free in. I am very excited with my painting and have a new level of awareness that I have learned to push through my blocks and criticisms. Florence was just lovely and the subject matter fabulous.” Mimi ‘18

‘I would highly recommend Shani’s workshop as being instructive & fun but also 4 days of intensive painting with an amazing result. Shani was so patient and willing to share her knowledge. I didn’t expect to enjoy the music and group as much and I have achieved an art piece that I am proud to hang.” JA ‘18

“The 4 days provided the most warm, learning environment that I have ever been part of and it translated throughout the group – it was a wonderful experience on all levels. The studio was a little hot but the spirituality added a whole other level.” Chris ‘18

“My second time through and thanks again, Shani, for an amazing 4 days of fun, laughter, music and joy and oh…and a painting I’m incredibly proud of. I was thrilled that my blocks didn’t stay for too long. It was a fantastic experience. Ill be back again.” Sarah ‘18

“Shani is a beautiful teacher and guides you to create a beautiful work. I had never held a brush and loved every moment and it has inspired me to continue painting. I didn’t expect to be amazed by colour and the people in the group were warm and accepting. Shani was a wonderful guide that never took control of our works but somehow held the whole room.” HG ‘18

'This was an experience I will never forget! Everything I needed was there, beautiful references and materials and the tuition was generous, kind and encouraging. I found friendship, compassion and fun and I was feed the most delicious nutritious food but my painting, WOW” Jude ‘18

‘Shani you shared your knowledge so generously but also provided the most beautiful space to expand, release and grow into the painter and woman I was born to be. I got to the next level in my painting, as you promised. The experience exceeded my expectations” Leanne ‘18

‘Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I found the 3 days rewarding on so many levels I have to process it. The coaching was above and beyond and I learnt about painting big and learnt about myself too in real sister-hood. I will definitely be coming back.” Sigi ‘18

“This was the most lovely experience that affords each person a chance to ‘just be’ in a creative but non judgmental experience. It was so supportive yet leading one to be empowered to continue by oneself. I loved, loved, loved it!” Ellie ‘18

‘The studio was inspiring with everything we needed including yummy food. The sisterhood was something I didn’t expect and I would absolutely recommend this. Shani, you’ve been amazing, creating an inspiring a nurturing environment. Your generous, kind spirit has been gratefully received. THANK YOU” Jill ’18

“Shani’s painting workshop was an inspiring, insightful and uplifting personal journey. The confidence and the beautiful painting I walked out with will always be treasured” Zoe”18

“Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect, not only to my creativity but my inner self in a safe, supportive and kind environment“ Libby”18

"The coaching and tuition was timely and caring and knowing that Shani was willing to take responsibility for not only the physical but also the spiritual, made sure we all got a win. This was a multidimensional experience that re-invigorated the physical, mental and spiritual in all of us, guiding us on our own journey of self discovery and the food on the deck was fabulous” Sally “17

“The finished canvases were really amazing. We all left with the most excellent paintings. I learnt a lot and felt that my confidence has really built plus I met such lovely people. The whole experience was wonderful” Halina ‘17

“I meet a great group of painters some I am sure will keep the connection. Everything was provided and not being a painter at all, I learnt steps and tips and finished up with a painting that I really like. I would really recommend this to anyone who wants a painting experience” Kim ‘17

“Come for the painting, stay for the sweetness! The materials and food were great and the studio inspiring and there was the right balance between helping and letting me find my own style. Shani really brought the group together and does the most wonderful job of tapping into people’s uniqueness. Enjoyed this immensely!”  Belinda ‘17

“Thanks! I would recommend this painting getaway to anyone wishing to find their creativity and have fun at the same time. I really didn’t expect my painting to turn out so well and the personal instruction gave me a confidence and has inspired me to carry on” Lauren ‘17

“Thankyou Shani for a most fabulous 3 days, not only have I been taught how to paint but I have had the most wonderful experience with all the other wonderful people in our group. You were so supportive and encouraging with my limited experience and I loved the feeling of freedom in painting that I had experienced before. The choice of subject matter and the photography was really exciting and I was at home with Florence and the cats” Lorraine ‘17

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Shani was supportive and provide advice when required, and the enough demonstration that gave me confidence. She was calm and kind in ways that were far more than I expected.” Mary ‘17

‘A painting workshop that not only teaches how you paint but feeds your soul and your spirit at the same time! This has been the most wonderful and unforgettable weekend and I can’t believe the beautiful painting that I am taking home” Gabriella ‘17

‘The studio itself is so inspirational for me, the rugs, chandeliers, pheasants, Shani’s paintings, the light – everything! The food was prepared with generosity and love and was light and nutritious. Shani’s guidance has inspired me to move forward creatively and I learnt enough practical skills that I reckon I can jump in again. I participated on the course at a particularly sad time in my life. I needed something to help me find who I am again. This course, Shani and the company of the other women reinforced that fact that ‘life is beautiful’’ Kath ‘17

‘I arrived with trepidation, nervous to pick up the paint brush, which I had never ever done. After 3 wonderful days of nurture and tuition, I am now felling more confident and relaxed to pursue my need to be creative, as well as develop in other areas of my life, thank you so very much. You have built my confidence to a live l that I feel ready to explore more now!” Karen ‘17

‘Thank you Shani for your guidance, patience and welcoming environment. It has been such a rollercoaster road of emotions, all with you there to support me. I think your mentoring program is definitely on my list now!” Mel ‘17

‘This workshop has been transformational and life changing! It has been safe, special and encouraging. I was drawn to come as soon as I set my eyes on the 1st advert and although I was spiritually struggling at the time it brought peace and joy back into my life. Shani’s coaching is kind and attentive and I loved every aspect of the weekend.” Liz ‘17

‘In all honesty I cannot put a dollar amount on the invaluable knowledge I have gained with Shani Alexander during the 12 week mentor program.  Shani's commitment and unique course structure allowed me to truly flourish in my growth as an artist and explore in detailed depth why I have been holding myself back as an artist and in other areas of my life.  I’m a kinesiologist  and have a professional understanding of energy but the daily reflective practice and use of colour exploration were such a successful way of tapping into deeply held information that needed to be accessed, to enable more freedom and clarity when creating my beautiful paintings.  I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend Shani's unique classes.”  Kym ‘17

'I can’t thank you enough, I never knew art could be healing but I knew the moment I first saw your paintings and course I had to come - they spoke to me so strongly. I’d realized there was a spiritual element to the weekend, and even though I felt broken you and the other girls excepted me where I am and truly made it a safe place. Do you know - musical as I am - it hadn’t ever occurred to me to make a playlist of uplifting, fun and encouraging songs. Usually they are just songs that bring out the pain. But I’m now enjoying adding to the list. I believe this weekend has truly been a turning point for me - I’ve been so very lost since for quite a few years - You worked wonders!” Liz’17

'The studio was light and airy and there was no skimping on materials or food. The coaching was sensitive and particularly persevering with a recalcitrant. I would recommend this as a different and enjoyable experience" Lil '17

"I'ld been wanting to do with workshop for over a year and finally am so proud of myself for just doing it. I reconnected with my artistic self in a fun, nurturing and challenging few days. Can recommend this for all levels!' Nicki '17

'I really enjoyed my 3 days - the whole experience was terrific and I achieved a fabulous painting plus had a wonderful time with painting companions and learnt such allot along the way" Marg '17

'Thank you again for the wonderful weekend, your generosity and the way you make us all feel wonderful! Everybody loved my new painting- it is my favourite and I look back to my first one and I can’t believe how far I have come and how differently I paint now, it really shows! Keep doing what you do, I have never met anyone quite like you!! I came across a poem and thought you might like it T.S.Eliot’s Little Gidding - We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time" Kathryn '17

'Florence was a beautiful and calming presence in the studio. The practical sessions on creating an impactful composition were priceless. The female hero artists were truly inspiring and I loved every one for different reasons. I unexpectedly loved the whole process of the spiritual work/tools and I experienced many breakthroughs, in particular made peace with a major life event. Over the weeks I found my creative inspiration and formulated my next collection and am truly inspired to get-moving. Overall I feel I got way more than my monies worth. Shani is a very special lady who gives of herself in a personal, spiritual and practical way. Learning to paint with her was only part of the program, learning about my self was a very important part of my journey.” Glenys ‘17

'The count down and nervousness only set me up for loving every little bit….thank you soooo much. The daily meditation ‘surprised me’ with its insight and depth. You are an amazing teacher to have taken me from absolute scratch and held me along the process. I am SO glad I came. My painting brought me to tears.” Dudia ‘17

'The tuition was excellent and a good balance of support and letting you do it yourself, but it was overwhelming, more than I expected. What I didn’t expect was how amazing the meditations were – I loved them!” Katherine ‘17

‘I came for 3 consecutive days to treat myself as if on a retreat…..I left with the most beautiful painting that brought my spark to the fore….it stretched me but I learnt and affirmed who I was today!” ‘ Ros ‘17

“I couldn’t recommend it more…..the weekend was more than ever I could have imagined or ever thought I could achieve. I love my painting and it means so much more because I got the spirit within me” Isobel ‘17

"There were plenty of interesting references to choose from and the book library was a great resource. The 10 Week Program Manual was a vital component and I just loved examining the heroines. The week by week content flowed logically and served to motivate me in my life outside the studio and the practice of the weekly reflection and analysis recorded in the manual was a valuable discipline which became the most amazing road-map. The field trip and composition work was invaluable and the work up to putting on an art show was both provoking and character building and by the time of the art show I knew exactly where I was heading and the collection of paintings I would begin when I left the program, confident in my voice. Having Florence in the studio was a grounding presence. Shani provides a very warm and loving environment both spiritually and practically and although, personally I found the large canvas both daunting and liberating, Shani also knows the right balance in terms of helping and standing back.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to explore their creative voice” Kath ‘17

'The overall experience was fabulous. I feel very blessed to have been able to do this and the sisterhood with the other women was absolutely memorable. Even if you’ve never held a paintbrush, fear not, if you long to create a beautiful painting, you are in sage hands with Shani. Unleash your soul” Geri ’17

“This has been one of the best experiences I have ever allowed myself to have. I have immersed/indulged myself for the first time in many years. I loved every single minute and will be recommending it to everyone I know” Barbara ‘17

“The most beautiful and challenging experience...to climb your mountain – run your marathon – to ‘Shirley Valentine’ – the most glorious intensive process to discover your YOU – you will love it” Susan ‘17

“Now that I have a few minutes to sit down I wanted to take the time to say that I truly enjoyed my 3 day workshop with you. Not only did I learn a lot about myself but you taught me so much about painting that I have wanted (and tried) to learn on my own. You have such a kind and gentle energy about you and it really does create a safe environment for all things. I will be back to do another workshop so I look forward to seeing you again". Katherine ‘17

"A truly inspiring environment to be able to achieve great things! The coaching was always available. I got a calmness that I didn't expect and the overall experience was better than I could have hoped for." Cath '17

'Shani conducts a magical environment allowing vulnerability. Her generosity of skills and open heartedness instilled a quick trust within the group. I was blown away by how quickly I was able to produce the standard of painting I did. I can recommend this workshop for anyone who is looking for a creative get-away." Pixie '17

"I had never done a painting. I hadn't picked up a brush in 40 years and then, not well. I've learnt so much about stepping into fear this weekend and embracing my creativity! and I loved Florence (the studio dog). I cried, I laughed, I danced, I had fun. It was a life experience." Sarah '17

"Shani and this workshop will be one of the highlights of my life's journey. I cant believe what I achieved.' Caroline '17

"It's just a brilliant workshop for women moving through things in life. I got a painting that I really, really liked!" Mimi '17

"Thanks heaps for looking after me over the weekend. I’m very proud of what I achieved, but it would have been nothing without your help and support. What an amazing group of women we had – all so different and yet there was an incredible common theme running through us all. It was very much a roller coaster and I will be back to learn more." Sara, '17

'Hi, I really enjoyed the three day acrylic floral painting course. Shani had so much energy, and broke the days into specific sessions, which helped with planning and organizing the development of the art works. It was wonderful meeting like-minded women, sharing our experiences and enjoying the works created. A fabulous creative experience which I would recommend to all. Gay ‘17

'An immersive and well instructed three days. The best way to learn about paint and painting. A really enjoyable turning point for anyone wanting to creatively start enjoying the art of paint.The way Shani teaches is a sensible and not overwhelming approach to completing a painting. I found the 3 day intensive so beneficial as a full immersion and true escape. Through the inspiration in this shared and supportive environment, I had an amazing experience and am ready to continue in finding painting joyful” Jane 17

“I got proper instruction, communication, achieving and having fun with amazing people” Gayle 17 

“I got all that was promised and much more in a warm, welcoming, nurturing and patiently encouraging environment. I hadn't painted since school! The overall experience was brilliant and all that I had hoped for. I learnt a new approach and techniques and got a lot of help to let go” Michelle 17

“The food and company was great and the explanation of technique was easy to understand and apply to my painting. I really learned to look and see the colours within. The workshop actually exceeded my expectations” Michelle 17

“I came to Shani for a chance to challenge my creativity and surround myself with colour. I had a fabulous time and loved being with other like minded women and in just 3 days, I have an amazing painting to take home and I’ve learned heaps and am now ready to get stuck into my own project” Penny 17

'The 10 Week Program lived up to all my expectations and then some!   One of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and at the end of it all I walked out with a beautiful painting, a new-found confidence and some amazing friends.  Great food, wine, art and a spiritual connection in the most caring, nurturing and mentoring environment, certainly helped all our spirits emerge. I am so grateful Shani gave so much of her beautiful self to us all and that will stay with me always.” Liz ‘17

"I cannot recommend the 10 Week Program enough – I did the 3 Day Workshop first which was great but we covered SO much more in this course. Our paintings were more developed, we could study other artists, do the self development and spiritual work which will help me for the rest of my life. Before doing Shani’s course I couldn’t put my finger on what I wasn’t happy about. I had a happy family and great life but something was missing. Through the program I was able to pinpoint what was missing and that was listening to my spirit. The more open you are the more you will get out of this course. I met 3 other like minded women and we painted the most wonderful paintings.  I have made amazing friends and have a direction now in my life and work that I didn’t have before. I love that we all walked away with something totally different which proved to me Shani’s dedication to each of us individually, as she promised. I am richer for the experience.”

"I can thoroughly recommend the 10 Week Program – not only will you come away with a beautiful painting , you will learn, be guided, be nurtured and encourage along the way and will experience more about yourself than you could ever expect. It was the most wonderful journey both in painting and in spirit.” Val ‘17

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have done the 10 Week Program. Through it I have regained a confidence in myself and my art I sadly thought had gone.  You gave everything you promised and so much more. Your generosity is a beautiful thing. You listened to me when sometimes we live in a world where the listeners are few and far between. You have a true gift. Thank you” Kathryn, 2017

"Thank you Shani for the most wonderful 5 days. I really appreciated your guidance as I was at times totally out of my depth but feeling like I was in Aphrodite’s den I found my own creative spirit and learned the tools to go it alone when I leave. I am very proud of what I achieved.” Jeuleine

“A fabulous colour journey that has taken me to a doorway that I now boldly will step through! I feel safe, inspired and respected and encouraged by my wonderful experience to paint. Something I have always wanted to do but have been too scared”  Suzanna

“I’ll certainly be back. The tuition and coaching in the Modern Workshop was just excellent because I couldn’t paint and I didn’t expect to get such an amazing painting. It will hang in pride of place and it will be a source of great pride.” Vicki ‘17

“I love, love, loved it, it made my soul sing. I actually cried when my painting came to life. It was absolutely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Plus I love my painting.” Kimmy ‘17

'Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend!  I really learnt things about myself just from listening to you talk and I’m so happy and proud of my painting! My husband and daughters love it and tell me how proud they are of me.  I have a new appreciation for artists and how you all manage to create beautiful works. I found your weekend challenging, fun, nurturing and I can honestly say reviving!  I haven’t pursued any of my creative outlets for some time and I loved being so engaged with something I was creating.  I also loved having those three days to myself. I’m so glad I came and spent the time with you and the other lovely ladies, who I also loved to listen to and get to know.  It was true we were all meant to be there together as I thought you were all lovely and I learnt something from all of you. I look forward to seeing you again soon and thank you for opening up your heart and your home to us all”. Elise 2017

‘I would definitely recommend this workshop to any creative person who would like to paint the most beautiful painting, challenge themselves on a large canvas, learn and feel completely safe with Shani’s guidance and nurturing” Stacey, 17

‘Thank so much Shani for your bold beautiful and empowering workshop. You provided an inspirational environment and a clear way through on this amazing journey. Thank you for your insight, wisdom and beautiful spirit.” Lisa ‘17

‘An amazing experience to produce a beautiful painting in a safe, supportive and non-threatening environment. Shani took a complete beginner and guided me through to a result I am very proud of and I learnt many other things that I didn’t expect’ Kylie ‘17

“The class was friendly, supportive and educational. I felt I was encouraged and the food was delicious and nutritious. Taking home a completed art work of this size and boldness was the biggest confidence boost I’ve had in years” Kathryn ‘17

“I started the workshop not sure I would be capable of producing anything I could be proud of, however, Shani guided me and helped me find the courage to produce a painting I’m glad about, and I’m proud to hang in my home. Shani helped me overcome my doubts and see what I was doing with plenty of time for me while still giving the others time. I loved it, the process, the time to myself and the new found confidence in my own abilities’ Elly ‘17

'It was exciting, invigorating and I learnt such a lot about looking for designs in nature. All I needed and more was supplied and I was coached to take risks. Great food and instruction and the coaching was full of wisdom and insight. Very therapeutic and life-giving and I would recommend it enthusiastically to anyone. I feel totally set free!” Cecily’17

‘loved, loved the plein-air experience in the Valley, the food, photography and process until my true inspiration emerged. I have a fantastic result that I never would have tackled on my own. This was a truly transformative workshop in the most loving and gentle environment. I learned to express myself in my own unique way and felt guided and nurtured through the process. I can’t believe my result.’ Liz ’17

 ‘I was wanting to find a stronger voice. Through Shani’s wisdom, vibrancy and skilled instruction I slowly found my voice in the brush strokes. I felt the real me was coming to life as I painted. I really appreciated the way I was guided and she also went on the journey with me.’ Cec ’17

 ‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great weekend. AND I just got my book!!!! What can I say other than WOW!! Am excited...love the 'soul food' bit too! It's really something and I will treasure it” Ruth ‘16

‘Amazing experience in a beautiful space….I left with a powerful piece of art and lots of confidence in my ability to create now at home. Beautiful home cooked meals and Shani is a beautiful, insightful and gentle soul that is able to hold the workshop space for each person to feel safe’. Diane ‘16

‘learnt heaps and walked away with a great painting. Very satisfying indeed. Was almost like personal tuition and perfect number in the class.” Ruth Dec ‘16

‘Although I already had some basic painting skills, I learnt so many tips and new ways of seeing things with Shani. It isn't just a painting workshop though, it is so much more and everyone will come away from the weekend with different things to address and build on in our lives. Met some wonderful women, had plenty of attention when I needed it all in a beautiful atmosphere, with music, food, wine.. what more can you ask? A truly worthwhile, rich, wonderful experience - worth every dollar.” Kathryn ‘16

‘This workshop is for those who are seeking a deeply nourishing experience of learning in unexpected ways. A fulfilling and empowering 3 days using painting to fast track into me.” Louise Nov’16

“In my 40’s I wanted to do something for myself. I have always loved art but needed to break from old habits and styles. Shani gave me a wonderful dimension to art as she made us look deeper into myself and bring it out in my art. I can’t thank you enough.” Kathryn Nov ‘16

“A joyous, fun filled experience of exploring my artistic side with lovely people in a beautiful environment” Val Nov’ 16

‘Not only did I get to spend the weekend with a most gifted teacher but also a beautiful person. I loved every moment of creating the most amazing painting that will proudly hang in a special place in my home. I carry our time together in my heart.’ Eriqua July 16

“Since that burst of enthusiasm, I am feeling the fluctuations between adventurous exploration and withdrawal. My challenge is to take action but I can take one step forward and three steps back. And then this week my book arrived 'Judy's Journey'. I have proudly shared it!  You included exactly what I needed to hear and see.  You are a voice I can trust and listen to. I will embrace my creativity” March 2016

"...do not hesitate to enter into this experience of being fully present, fully engaged and be nurtured through and into creative expression. All my senses came alive with the plunge into colour, movement and it fed my soul and body"  Julie, 3/16

”This kind of therapy is better than a pill and quicker than years of talking to a psychologist!” Jane '16

‘The studio is open, bright and inviting.  The materials are in abundance including the catering.  The tuition and coaching is focused and encouraging and overall the experience was engaging and expansive of self and other.  I would recommend this to others, yes..yes…yes.  "...do not hesitate to enter into this experience of being fully present, fully engaged and be nurtured through and into creative expression. All my senses came alive with the plunge into colour, movement and it fed my soul and body" ”  Julie’16

“I loved the studio and the paintings are gorgeous and it was a great environment to be in……real effort went into the materials and food ….. really, totally enjoyed Shani’s workshop. Shani is a delight to be around and can provide you with the experience to ensure that your picture will look fabulous!” Shasti ‘16

 'The studio was fresh and light-filled with plenty of choice of materials. Shani was a beautiful, knowledgeable and capable coach and I learnt a lot about colour.  I didn’t expect to also get an almost spiritual dimension of thoughtfulness. Overall this was a beautiful, light filled environment housing a wonderful tutor with amazing talent. Shani brings out the best in a person and their work.' Elizabeth ‘16

‘I came with some concern about the process but left feeling renewed and revived. This has been worth it in every way! I look forward to attending more workshops throughout the year. Thank you for being such a gentle, deeply present and intuitive teacher. There was abundant materials and the food delicious and the environment deeply supportive. I will be coming back for more.” Judy 2016