The Painting Workshop

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The Painting Workshop


So your spirit is calling out to be revived with colour!  

Hello there and welcome!

Thank you for registering for the The Painting Workshop

Our 4 glorious days are a full immersion and begin at 10:00 am sharp and will follow a similar structure, but with different components, as we work toward completing our beautiful take home HERO painting. All your food and materials will be provided and we will finish with bubbles around 5:00 pm on our last day.

I will email some countdown instructions and introduce the other participants, closer to the time, but for now, just know you may want to consider accommodation, parking, location etc……so you can see that info below.

Things to consider
Your painting will be created on a 40 x 30 inch gallery thickness ready-to-hang canvas and although the end-result will be the conclusion of its own creative journey, you may want to consider some basic things like:

-        Which room your painting will be created for

-        The broad colour scheme of your furnishings, floors and walls… if that’s important,

-        AND how you will get your touch-dry painting home

Please bring along

-        Apron, Comfy shoes, iphone (with your music on it AND plenty of space available)

The Alexander Room is my personal studio located at the Habitat Spirituality Centre, 2 Minona Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122. I will send you parking instructions shortly. Map:


My aim is that you truly step aside from your ordinary life by immersing yourself in colour, music, food and companionship with like minded souls in the colourful world of a working art studio, so that all your senses are nourished and your spirit is revived. You can contribute to the gold that’s possible for you by being open hearted and open minded and giving yourself permission to let go…and don’t forget to be on time. You can read about Shani Alexander 


We are going to have 4 glorious days together and until till then, start opening your heart.

Bye for now, Shani
Phone 0416021848

If you are coming from outside of Melbourne, here’s info on Getting There, Parking, Accommodation and Taking Your Painting Home– so you can sort out your best approach.

Because the workshop starts at 10 am and finishes at 5 each day, its best to arrive the day before your workshop AND because you need your painting to dry and be boxed, its best to leave the day after your workshop. So, that makes (5 nights) Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun for the 4 Day Workshops

1.   Getting there by car

The Alexander Room is a permanent studio set up in a church hall at the Habitat Uniting Spirituality Centre located at 2 Minona Street, in the vibrant inner city suburb of HAWTHORN, Melbourne. (about 1 hour from the airport or 20 minutes from the CBD)

It’s easy to use the Sat-Nav on your phone and make your way to 2 Minona Street or to your accommodation in Hawthorn and then drive to and from the workshop (If you hire a car, make sure it will fit your painting on the return trip, see below)


2.   Getting there

You will need to fly to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport and either hire a car or take the Skybus into Southern Cross Station and then a train out to Glenferrie Station on the Lilydale line.

Plan your journey through Public Transport Victoria

3.   Parking

Thursday & Friday only - START TIME 10am sharp

YOU have 2 options for All day parking. Glenferrie Center and Tower Hotel. Each option is a paid situation so remember coins to the value of $10 AND allow a 10 minute stroll to Minona Street and the SWell Centre.

Saturday & Sunday only - START TIME 9am sharp

All day parking is available at Qanstruct (which is a large Church building), 500 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. Access is from Burwood Road. Parking is at the back behind the church. A back gate provides access to Minona Street and easy access to the SWell Centre.


4.   Accommodation

Because the workshop starts at around 10 am and finishes at 5 each day, its best to arrive the day before AND because you need your painting to dry and be boxed, its best to leave the day after. So, that makes (5 nights) Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun for the 4 Day Workshops

It’s nice to stay in Hawthorn because there’s food, shopping, movies & café’s.  Here are AIRBNB options to consider.

5.      Taking Your Painting Home
At the end of the workshop you will be taking your finished painting home with you. It will be ready-to-hang, measure 100x100cm and will weigh under 5kgs and should be dry. Here are some points to consider:

o   BY car - You will need to fit your painting in your car. How will you do this?    Will you lay your seat down?  Do you need to clear some space? Do you need to pack a rug?

BY plane – Your suitably wrapped painting will measure around 125cms at its longest dimension and weigh under 5 kgs and will be marked FRAGILE so it fits within recommended dimensions for ordinary domestic baggage allowance and would count as one piece of baggage depending on the baggage allowance of your fare type, which is generally between 1 - 3 bags @ 23kg per bag not exceeding a total linear dimension (length + width + height) of 140cm, per piece.

You’ll need warm clothes, comfy shoes, toiletries and your personals but pack to mix and match the same clothes the whole week and cram it all into one overnight bag. In that way your painting can be checked in at departure from Melbourne and will count as one piece and so purchasing a ticket with 2 or 3 bags should cover you. BUT you may want to purchase things in Melbourne or assure your FRAGILE painting gets extra attention then the easiest thing to do is simply pre-purchase ONE additional piece of baggage the day before you fly home. Here’s the info Virgin gives:

Pre-purchased baggage allowance: Guests can pre-purchase baggage allowance for an additional piece ($35) at the time of making your booking in addition to the fare allowance.  If you wish to purchase additional baggage allowance after your booking has been made, you can do so through the Guest Contact Centre  up to one hour before your flight. Guests who purchase baggage allowances at the airport at check-in will be charged a higher fee.

o   Don’t forget it you are hiring a car – choose a model with a hatch back and seats that can lay flat

Pack and Send – if you just can’t be fagged with the whole painting-on-the-plane thing, I can take your painting to the local Pack and Send and they will box it perfectly and deliver it to your door. I will do it all for you and you can reimburse my bank account afterwards, but if you want to get a price estimate plug in the details: 40 x 30 inches and under 5 kgs@

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