The Painting Mentor Program $3,400

12 transformational Weeks
8 places only

Especially designed to develop YOU creatively, practically, spiritually and personally, this programs will take you on the journey of exploring your creative world, nurturing your spirit & learning to listen to it guiding you, equipping you with painting fundamentals, instruct on the elements to give your paintings the wow factor; help you break free of your confines; find out what your bliss is; find out what your true creative voice is PLUS give you 2/3 big bold ready-to-hang HERO paintings you will be coached through and proud of and host them in a group Show. 

"This program is the ride of a life-time and you will never be the same again!" Laine '17


this is for you if you want To:

  1. Get started

  2. Keep the pace on

  3. Unlock yourself

  4. Remove your blocks

  5. Take your painting to another level

  6. Find your true voice

  7. Articulate your message

  8. Take your creativity more seriously

  9. Be fed by being part of a small like-minded group

  10. Just, escape and feed your soul and grow personally, practically & spiritually

What You Get

Delivered over 10 Tuesdays (9-5) plus the Art Show & Gallery Visit

This Program includes:

  • All your materials

  • 100 face-to-face hours

  • 100 x 100 cm canvas' (or similar)

  • Quality acrylic paints

  • Range of floral compositional references

  • Studio and plein-air experience

  • 2-3 paintings in representational, modern & abstract expressionistic style

  • Comprehensive experiential workbook

  • Tools to access and track your inner guidance

  • All food including hearty lunch & refreshments

  • Personalised spiritual, practical and personal coaching and guidance

  • Participate in a Group Show

  • Certificate recognizing 100 hours of personal & professional development

  • Form your art buddy-group

  • Enrollment in Colour Me Beautiful All-Year

10 Tuesdays And How They Will Go

Morning Session

  • Inner work and preparation

  • Theory and Prac session

Lunch (hearty and home-cooked)

Afternoon Session

  • Half day of serious painting on your big ambitious compositions including demonstration, coaching and instruction. And as always in our studio, we have the gentle presence of Florence, our working dog!


  • At the end of each day, sometimes over a glass of something, we finish with a progress round-up to reinforce practical, emotional and spiritual learning

  • Intro to a new master for inspiration, and

  • Set any homework

In the Theory and Prac Sessions we cover things like:

  1. Claiming your space and finding your resources

  2. Colour theory and colour mixing

  3. Working with your materials

  4. Photography and how to capture your bliss

  5. Garden visit for plein-air photography

  6. Composition and Cropping

  7. Putting on an art show

  8. Marketing materials like websites/social media/printing

  9. How to speak about your work

  10. What is YOUR art really about: Articulating what you want to say and how you say it
    N.B In Weeks 11 and 12 we host our Art Show and finish up with our Gallery Visit

In the Inner Guidance work we:

Use the ME-Time tool and learn to connect, listen and track what our inner guidance wants to show us and the results are truly amazing.....there has been family reunions, business ideas launched, collections birthed

What you can also expect during the Program

  • Borrow from Shani’s library

  • Personalised coaching & guidance, advice and encouragement

  • Participate in the invitation-only group show

  • Glossy personalised book of your group’s journey

  • Purchase further materials at wholesale prices

  • Finish up with a separate group gallery visit and lunch

  • Shani’s attention, her spirit, cooking and personal studio environment

  • Between Tuesdays expect to do:

    • A little personalised Homework

    • A little Journaling, and

    • A heap of Photography

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have done the Program. Through it I have regained a confidence in myself and my art I sadly thought had gone.  You gave everything you promised and so much more. Your generosity is a beautiful thing. You listened to me when sometimes we live in a world where the listeners are few and far between. You have a true gift. Thank you” Kathryn

View the painter's journey through the Summer Program

A Deeply Present, Dynamic and Intuitive Teacher 

Shani Alexander is known for her joie de vivre and grabs life by both hands in celebration. She holds formal qualifications in Painting, Printmaking, Adult Learning, Psycho-Spirituality, Nursing and Small Business and has undertaken thousands of hours of personal, spiritual and business coaching including being a senior graduate of Landmark Education and learning under John Demartini, Lorel Langmeier and Robert Kiyosaki

Shani was a grand finalist in the 2010 Entrepreneurship Awards and nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards for the creation of VirtualRelocator™, Australia’s only relocation software program, purpose-built to meet the needs of international movers to all major Australian cities. Used widely across the corporate/government sectors, since 2002, VirtualRelocator™ assisted more than 10,000 families call Australia home. She has interacted at the senior level of creative thought-leadership, developed and implemented programs for both government and multi-national corporate Australia, including developing online learning programs for professional development. As an artist, the themes of spirituality, colour and expressionism are woven into the details of her designs which she re-works to curate strongly as a collection and she has participated in numerous shows with work hanging in Parliament House and many private homes around Australia and Asia.

Life took a change in direction when she found her brother passed away and a rethink of her direction saw her qualify in workplace chaplaincy and a return to her art. With a professional understanding of entrepreneurship, business, adult education and the human spirit, Shani hosts shows and programs to facilitate creative breakthroughs and to revive and follow the spirit to birth the authentic voice.  She is a gentle, deeply present, dynamic and intuitive teacher whose workshops are known for the personalized tuition and expansion her participants experience. 

Shani says her own life is underpinned by M. Williamson quote: “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” 

 This is what they said... 

'The Program lived up to all my expectations and then some!   One of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and at the end of it all I walked out with a beautiful painting, a new-found confidence and some amazing friends.  Great food, wine, art and a spiritual connection in the most caring, nurturing and mentoring environment, certainly helped all our spirits emerge. I am so grateful Shani gave so much of her beautiful self to us all and that will stay with me always.” Liz Summer Program

"I cannot recommend the Mentor Program enough – I did the 3 Day Workshop first which was great BUT we covered SO much more in this course. Our paintings were more developed, we could study other artists, do the self development and spiritual work which will help me for the rest of my life. Before doing Shani’s course I couldn’t put my finger on what I wasn’t happy about. I had a happy family and great life but something was missing. Through the program I was able to pinpoint what was missing and that was listening to my spirit. The more open you are the more you will get out of this course. I have made amazing friends and have a direction now in my life and work that I didn’t have before. I love that we all walked away with something totally different which proved to me Shani’s dedication to each of us individually, as she promised. I am richer for the experience.” Kath Summer Program

“Florence was a beautiful and calming presence in the studio. The practical sessions on creating an impactful composition were priceless. The female hero artists were truly inspiring and I loved every one for different reasons. I unexpectedly loved the whole process of the spiritual work/tools and I experienced many breakthroughs, in particular made peace with a major life event. Over the weeks I found my creative inspiration and formulated my next collection and am truly inspired to get-moving. Overall I feel I got way more than my monies worth. Shani is a very special lady who gives of herself in a personal, spiritual and practical way. Learning to paint with her was only part of the program, learning about my self was a very important part of my journey.” Glenys Winter Program

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12 Week Program Includes

All materials, plus:
- canvas and paper
- acrylic paints
- references
- all food & drink
- visual diary
- comprehensive experiential workbook
- 9 to 5 pm over 10 Tuesdays
- participation in the art show
- gallery visit
- limited to 8 people
- guidance, connection and inspiration
- enrollment in Colour Me Beautiful All-Year
- bring comfy shoes, smart-phone & painting smock
- contact Shani on 0416021848 (Australia +61)
- Read about Shani Alexander

Price: AUD $3,400
Pay by Installments


Location:  The Alexander Room (Shani's personal studio) Habitat Uniting Spirituality Center, 2 Minona Street Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia


2019 DATES
       Summer: Feb: 12,19,26 Mar: 5,12,19,26 Apr: 2,9,16 (Show 27th)
Spring: Aug: 20,27 Sept: 3,10,17,24 Oct: 1,8,15,22 (Show Nov 2)
 2020 DATES
       Summer: Feb: 25 Mar: 3,10,17,24,31 Apr: 7,14,21,28 May: 5,12 (Show 23rd)


Be prepared to be fed, nurtured and inspired in a colourful celebration of life. Payment is not refundable but fully transferable to another workshop or person

“Be the highest version of the grandest vision you have about WHO you are”
— Conversations With God by Neil Donald Walsch