MANscape $800

2 fantastic afternoons

Painting is part of our instinct to communicate and enables an expression of emotion that can’t be felt through just words themselves. Painting also happens to be fantastic for relieving stress, enhancing creativity, developing problem-solving skills AND for making something beautiful!

No matter what your creative ability MANscape is a liberating experience perfect for all levels.

Everyone needs a creative outlet to express themselves!

It is easy to forget – with all our responsibilities – that we need some ME-time. Studies show the connection between painting and a reduction of stress levels, through

  • Self-care by doing something purely for the benefit or your own well-being that makes you feel more well-balanced

  • Distraction from the day-today during the painting session that enables relaxation and a clearer line of thought and perspective

  • Relaxing into that positive state of mind, known as the THE  FLOW when you are totally immersed in the activity of painting


Located in a working artist’s studio nestled in the vibrant inner city suburb of Hawthorn, Melbourne, join a limited group of 7 and over 2 weekend afternoons, fill your inner tank with creativity, great company and freedom to express yourself artistically while you work on a BIG fabulous take-home HERO painting. 

Working from carefully composed landscape studies and with a proven method that builds the painting in a loose, immediate and relaxed style, we use the versatility of acrylics and ANY implement that can make a mark (including fingers), from brushes to rollers in a broad colour palette so you will feel confident to respond in your own unique way.

You're in safe hands.....

Formally trained in painting, printmaking, adult education and psycho-spirituality, Shani Alexander believes colour revives the spirit! Rather than teach you ‘how to paint’ Shani weaves her unique skill set into the design of her workshops to offer you a painting experience that offers a toolbox of techniques guaranteed to energize your life on and off the canvas. 

Expressing yourself through painting will elevate your life

You will be fully immersed in colour, food, music and company and will enjoy the freedom to loosen up, soak up the energy of a working artist's studio, embrace colour and also get to know what ignites your artistic soul. And as always in our studio, we have the gentle presence of Florence, our working dog!

What's included  

2 Fully Immersive Weekend Afternoons

- 2pm to 5pm each Wednesday
- 6 face-to-face hours
- 30 x 40 in canvas or similar
- quality acrylic paints
- refreshments
- references
- a polished ready-to-hang feature piece
- 100% plus of Shani's professional and personal guidance & coaching
- membership to the exclusive Colour My World All Year

What you also get
- your unique painting playlist
- an understanding of mark making & colour
- the confidence to approach a big work in bite-sized chunks
- hang out in an intensive with like minded people
- learn a confident and easy method

Limited to 7 men only
Ask a question on 0416 021 848
Read about Shani Alexander

Price: AUD $800
(pay by installments - no booking fees)                                    

Location:  The Alexander Room (Shani's personal studio) is located in the Habitat Uniting Spirituality Center, 2 Minona Street

DATES: Sat 14th and Sun 15th September 3-5pm


So honour yourself as a creative! Don't let anything hold you back!

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