I believe creativity is as essential to us as the air we breathe

The essence of my own art is its signature explosion of unashamed colour and vibrancy in HERO pieces that raise people’s spirit and create the heartbeat of the home.

My painting programs offer a deeply nourishing experience that gives you permission to loosen up, embrace colour and express your creative voice. It doesn't matter where you are on your painting journey as the focus is on releasing blocks, listening to your spirit, finding what ignites your artistic soul and experiencing authentic ME time in a totally non-judgmental way. I believe in honoring your SELF we can liberate that creative spark that’s trapped within.

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In a beautiful, inspiring and lovingly creative environment, our glorious programs are a full immersion into colour and heartily supported by food, music, the companionship of like-minded souls and our beloved working dog, Florence. I offer 2 exclusive Painting Programs from The Alexander Room in the vibrant inner city suburb of Hawthorn, in the Auburn Village area of Melbourne

Come on the ride of a life-time and EXPRESS yourself with COLOUR


Come on the ride of a lifetime and unleash your creative voice! This spirit centered workshop is a nurturing, liberating experience perfect for all levels and offers a toolbox of techniques guaranteed to energize your life on and off the canvas.

Exploring the colour and beauty of a vase of flowers, we take an inner and outer journey, shift what's in the way, experience real ME time and paint a fabulous HERO piece. This is a full immersion. You will not be the same again!

All Levels Welcome. All Materials & Food. 8 Places Only

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Autumn & Spring Program

The Mentor Program has been especially designed to develop YOU creatively, practically, spiritually and personally. Come on the journey of exploring your creative world, learning to listen to your spirit guiding you, nailing the painting fundamentals, learning how to give your paintings the wow factor; breaking free of your confines; finding your inspiration; birthing your true creative voice, refining your marketing message PLUS paint 2/3 big bold ready-to-hang HERO paintings and host them in your group's Show.

All Levels Welcome. All Materials & Food. 8 Places Only

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Year long calendar

Exclusive to graduates of The Mentor Program or The Painting Workshop, Colour My World is a year long calendar of events offering bite-sized chunks to keep you inspired, fed and connected to the tribe, including:

- Garden visits
- Quickies
- Gallery visits
- One day workshops
- Wholesale materials

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