Live A Creative Life and Stay Connected To The Tribe 

As a graduate of one of the painting programs you're part of an exclusive tribe of like-minded souls. And now you've expressed your creative voice I expect you will want to feed it.

Opt-in Events For Graduates 

Living a creative life is part of your nature, so, here's a calendar of bit-sized chunks to get you into the action that opens up your creative channels, energizes your life and will keep your motor running.  Nothing determines your creative life more than doing-it and being around-it!

1. Capture Your Bliss Garden Visit

Do you want to paint fabulous paintings? It all comes from knowing your BLISS which is something that seizes your attention... stops you in your tracks.... silences you! It can be the way light filters through the trees or the magnificence of a fully blown magnolia. The subject eventually is irrelevant because it's the intensity of your feelings conveyed in your impactful composition that people ultimately respond to in your finished painting. So, we have 4 beautiful seasonal Yarra Valley garden visits planned to give you the opportunity to capture your bliss, and cull, crop & print it to create a collection of impactful compositions to inspire your next paintings. 


- Full day 9 am - 5 pm
- Meet at the Alexander Room/the venue
- Intro discussion on capturing your bliss
- Morning of photography
- Print off at Officeworks (your expense)
- Lunch at the studio
- Studio time discussion on impactful composition
- Cull/crop/create compositional references
- Mentoring from Shani
- Sisterhood from the tribe
- Bubbles at the end of the day
- Discount materials for order

Bring along:

  • smart phone with plenty of space

  • visual diary

  • Expect to pay Garden entry & coffee

  • Expect to car pool, if necessary


Mar: Fri TBA - Water Lily Garden (lilies & lotus')
Aug: Fri TBA - Alowyn Gardens (halibors & magnolia)
Oct: Fri TBA- Coombe Estate (wisteria & roses)
Nov: FRI TBA- Springhill Peony Farm (peonies)

10 places only
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2. The Quickie

In response to cries from graduates that some are stuck, have lost punch in their paintings, need to freshen up or get an injection of enthusiasm, need a little help with a current painting hurdle, want to shift a block, cuddle Florence or just need to hang out and refill with the energy of Jumping Creek about BYO current painting and paints and have a day in the studio! This is based on the Floral Painting representational style.

What you get:

  • 9 am - 5 pm

  • Morning reflection

  • Photograph your bliss

  • BYO lunch too share

  • Music and companionship

  • Bubbles at the end of the day

  • Full day working on your current piece

  • Personal tuition, coaching, mentoring

  • Easels/ brushes/ jars/ palettes/ p-towel

  • Sisterhood from the tribe

  • Discount materials for order

Bring along:

  • smart phone

  • visual diary

  • play list

  • current painting and reference

  • paints


last friday of every month:
F:Tba, M:Tba, A:Tba, M:Tba, J:Tba, J:Tba, A:Tba, S:Tba, O:Tba, N:Tba

8 places only
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3. The ONE Day Workshop

I will offer ONE day formats to introduce new techniques. You can expect to start and finish a polished piece in a variety of formats or mediums as my own creativity develops, for example: those delicate tissue paper nudes that you all love, or a abstract expressionist piece on paper, or deconstructed floral.....who knows, come and try! You may discover your thang!


- All materials, including:
- Canvas and paints
- Full day 9 am - 5 pm
- Morning reflection and guidance
- Demo
- Hearty lunch and all refreshments
- Full day of painting in the structured format
- Mentoring, guidance and inspiration from Shani
- Sisterhood from the tribe
- Materials and methods list
- References provided
- Bubbles at the end of the day
- Discount materials for order

Bring along:

  • smart phone

  • play list



Modern Style

In ONE day we will complete a canvas in a very loose modern style using plenty of mark making tools and acrylics.

Saturday TBA FEBUARY 6 places only


Tissue Paper Nudes

Matisse, Monet and Modigliani all paid homage to Ingres's famous Odelisque and so can we. In ONE day we will complete a small canvas using the mindful practice of collage finished with a glossy coating.

Saturday TBA JUNE 8 places only



Loose! Loose! Loose! Just like the gorgeous work of Bobbie Burgers. In this ONE day the emphasis is on breaking free of our confines and loosening up. We even get the whip and timer out to help you push through and complete a finished floral composition.

Saturday TBA AUGUST 6 places only


Abstract Expressionist

Introducing a number of Heroes known for their expressionistic approach, in this ONE day we will work on paper and using a range of garden-scape references we will work in a variety of mediums and mark making tools to produce a finished piece. This one gets messy and is unpredictable which is fabulous when trying different styles.

Saturday TBA NOVEMBER 6 Places only

places are limited in number and payment must be made at the time of booking to secure your spot

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